Summer Fishing

Introducing the highly anticipated second chapter of “Seasons of Fishing!”

On January 10th, 1998, during one of the initial drilling expeditions to penetrate one of the most isolated bodies of water on the earth, one man had a wild dream about an ancient fish long thought extinct.

What was that fish? Why was he in Antarctica? What was he trying to find?

Learn about his story and more answers to the questions left open from Winter Fishing as well as the origins and mystery behind the rare variants.

•Use your device’s accelerometer to cast out and catch fish instantly, and then reel them in using your finger.

•Set boats with one of more than 15 different baits to catch and hook fish in real time!

•Catch over 60 different types of “Retina” fish species, including more mysterious variants.

•10 brand new unique areas to fish at, including slow rivers and coastal bays.

•A brand new story line with more than 30 quests to challenge yourself with, along with over 40 game center achievements.

•Earn fish coins and cash to unlock more than 30 different lures, as well as your upgrading equipment and stocking new fish.

•The most advanced fish AI yet! Catch certain fish based on your location, depth, nearby structure and drop offs, lure selection, even time of day!

•Dynamic environment effects. Go try your luck catching a peacock bass in the jungle rain or try catching rare catfish in the moonlight.

•Want more of a challenge? Try mastering the game by catching trophy or record weight fish for every species, and view the fish you’ve caught in the Trophy room!



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