What will the requirements be for Summer Fishing?
Summer Fishing will be compatible with the following devices:
-iPhone 4 ®
-iPhone 4S ®
-iPod Touch (4th Generation) ®
-iPad 2 ®
-iPad (3rd Generation) ®

Additionally one needs to have their device running iOS 5.0 and have approximately 135 MB of free memory available.

How much does Summer Fishing cost?

When will Summer Fishing HD/Lite be released?
Currently there are no plans to release an HD or lite version, nor any plans for any update that provides specific support for the iPad.


How do I see my current quest?
To see your current quest, go to either the Lake Screen and tap the trophy icon or go to the Page Selection screen. You can view your quest progress at the page selection screen by tapping the info button. Currently you are not able to view quest information from the casting screen.

How do I catch the variant fish?
To catch the variant and unlock the next area, simply go to the Page Selection screen and tap the info button.

Why can’t I catch every fish in a given area?
Some fish in an area will be locked until a certain quest is completed. Completing all quests in a given area will almost always unlock all species for that area.

How do I release a fish?
To release a fish, simply tap anywhere once on the screen once you’ve caught a fish

Where can I view information about a given fish?
To check out info and stats about fish, go to the Trophy Room and tap the detail button for a fish you’ve caught.


How many fish are there in Summer Fishing?
There are currently 88 species of fish in Summer Fishing, with 68 of those being completely unique to our franchise.

How long does it take to finish Summer Fishing?
The gameplay of our game takes on average of 10 to 12 hours to finish. It takes considerably longer than this to finish all of the achievements though.

Got a question about our upcoming game? E-mail us at info@seasonsoffishing.com!