What are the requirements for me to download the app?

The following devices currently support “Winter Fishing” as they include the required gyroscope for the gameplay.
-iPhone 4 ®
-iPhone 4S ®
-iTouch 4 ®
-iPad ®*
-iPad 2 ®
-iPad (3rd Generation) ®
*only supported for HD version

How do I fish?
Simply go to any fishing area and double tap where there is ice.

How do I set traps?

To set a trap, go to any lake and tap the corner + tab to bring up the menu bar. After tapping the trap icon, simply double tap anywhere there is ice to set a trap. You can switch baits by tapping the bait picture and remove set traps by double tapping them.

Why am I not catching any fish?

In order to catch fish, you need to move your rod up and down by raising and lowering your device in the same manner. You won’t catch many fish by letting it stand still! Make sure to be patient too, and you’ll eventually catch something.

I keep having bites, but they always seem to get away. How do I hook them?

To “set the hook”, quickly swipe your iOS device in an backward motion once your device your rod bends quickly (if you have an iPhone the device will also vibrate). Remember that bigger fish will require you to “set the hook” much faster and harder, or even multiple times in a second or two. If you are still having trouble, try upgrading your equipment at the shop.

How do I unlock different lakes to fish at?

You first need to complete all quests for each area. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be prompted to fight the variant fish. Successfully landing the variant will unlock a new area for you to fish at.

How do I catch a particular type of fish?

Each fish in the game has certain preferences, which you’ll need to figure out. Some fish like to feed near brush, while other fish like to feed in open water. Some fish will prefer small lures like the bug jig, while other fish will hit the lures resembling small fish. Some fish even prefer to feed night versus day. To view hints, tap the tab bar and then the “?” icon to see a hint for the current quest.

I keep catching the same fish, how can I catch different ones?

The game is made such that you’ll catch different fish naturally as you proceed through the story line. If you are still frustrated by catching the same fish, first try fishing in different spots or changing your lure. Using a bigger lure will make it such that you don’t hook the smaller more common fish

I can’t seem to catch a particular species in one of the lakes. Are they locked for a future update or something?

All the fish displayed for each area in the trophy room are catchable after completion of all of the challenges, except for “stocked” fish which can be unlocked by purchasing them with fish coins in the Tackle Shop. If you still have trouble with catching a certain fish after doing this, try using different or more effective lures. Some fish are pretty fickle and require more effort to catch.

Sometimes the game runs slower. Why?

Our app may run and load slower depending on how many apps you currently have in the background. To improve performance, close out all existing apps as well as “Winter Fishing” and then restart it.

The app just crashed in the middle of the game. What should I do?

Occasionally our app may crash due to low memory, which is similar to the crashes one may experience in Safari or other memory intensive apps. In the event in which our app crashes much more frequently, please email us at support@seasonsoffishing.com with more specific details.

Note: Our app has been configured to save user data (i.e. story line progress, money, fish caught) when a challenge is completed or on exit of the app into the background. To save progress manually, simply hit the home button and then re-enter the game.