How to Play

Selecting an Area
To select an area to fish at, go to the main menu by tapping the home icon on any bar and press the Go Fishing option. You’ll be then brought to a screen where you can select different lakes. You can switch between fishing areas by swiping left or right or tapping the arrows. Different fishing areas will be unlocked gradually as you accomplish quests. Note that the “Iceberg” area can be unlocked at any point for a one time sum of 1000 fish coins.

Choosing a spot
After selecting a spot, you’ll be brought to a birds eye view of that location. Here is where you can choose an area to fish at by simply tapping twice anywhere you see ice. You can scroll with your finger and also zoom in and zoom out here too.

To jig select a spot you wish to fish at and tap twice. You’ll be brought to a new screen where you can control the rod by moving your device up or down.* To catch fish, you’ll need to move your rod up and down. Once a fish bites, you’ll feel your device vibrate or beep. Make sure to set the hook by quickly raising your device upward otherwise you’ll lose it!

Fighting a fish
After setting the hook, a status bar will appear showing the line tension, fish endurance, and line out. Line tension is how hard the fish is pulling; make sure this doesn’t get too high or the fish will break the line and escape. Fish endurance is how strong or tired the fish is and will go down gradually as the fight persists. Line out is how much line you have left and tells you how close or far the fish is. Make sure not to let too much line out though!

Occasionally a special indicator will flash showing you an image. This is a special indicator and tells you what to do. These occur at random times and will gradually be unlocked as you progress though the game. For more information about the specials, see our section on specials.

Setting a trap
While you can beat the game with just jigging, traps offer a way to save time and instantly hook onto a fish.To set a trap, first bring up the menu bar by touching the tab and tap the trap icon with the red flag. This will switch between jigging and setting traps. To switch baits, tap the bait tab to toggle through your selection. You can retrieve the traps by double tapping on them, and if a red flag is up, you’ll instantly find yourself in a fish fight.
Note that while traps are reusable, baits will be used up every time you hook a fish.

Buying Equipment
To buy equipment, baits, and lures, go to the shop by tapping the money icon on the menu bar. Here you can use your fish cash or fish coins to purchase miscellaneous things.