Occasionally you’ll see an flashing icon in the upper right corner while fighting a fish in Winter Fishing. Each special can give you a bonus if you act appropriately. Here are the specials available in Winter Fishing.

Double Bite
Occasionally a bigger fish will strike when a smaller fish is hooked and not immediately reeled in


Final Pull
Raising the rod swiftly will instantly end the fight if the fish is less than 15 feet away

Double Set
Setting the hook twice when prompted to can give a fish endurance bonus


Long Run
Let a fish run by taking your finger off the screen and lowering your rod, and then pull your rod back or reel in to stun the fish. The longer a fish runs, the longer you’ll be able to reel in a fish with no increase in tension.

Slow Motion
When time slows down, high line tensions will result in a fish endurance bonus


Drop & Reel
Reeling in when the rod is down and then lifting your rod back up when prompted will let you pull in extra line